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MommyMakeoverDoc Dr Marcos Ikeda

MommyMakeoverDoc : Dr Marcos Ikeda explains to you the Mommy makeover procedure www.MommyMakeoverDoc.com


Speaker 1: Welcome to Bellissima Cosmetic Surgery and MedSpa.

Dr. Marcos Ikeda: As women age and after childbirth, it's common to have loose skin, stretch marks, and saggy breasts. To restore your body appearance, I'll do a mommy makeover.

Dr. Marcos Ikeda: What is a mommy makeover? I'll flatten your stomach, tighten your muscle, and I will shape your hips, lift your breasts, and put some implants to give you a more fullness cleavage and give you a nice, pretty look. The mommy makeover is a complete body contouring that will give you the beautiful and sexy look, and it will increase your self-esteem and your confidence. Combined with the Brazilian liposculpture and a Brazilian bikini incision, we will give you a nice, hourglass contour.

Dr. Marcos Ikeda: To enhance the fullness in cleavage of your breast, I will remove the saggy breast tissue, lift, and put some implants to give you the nice and sexy look. All procedures are combined into one, which enables you for a faster recovery and quicker return to your social and normal life.

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